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Develius is Edward van Vliet’s idea of the archetypal modular sofa. With its elongated seat, it’s reminiscent of a chaise longue, inviting you to luxuriate at length for hourson end. The individual sofa components, pouf and lush, loose pillows invite you to compose your own piece of paradise. Pre-installed power outlet available upon request. Available in a range of upholstery options in a variety of sizes and configurations, contact us for more information. 

42cm seat height. 

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  • Develius EV7 Pillow Small
    Develius EV7 Pillow Small


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    From $265
  • Develius EV6 Pillow Medium
    Develius EV6 Pillow Medium


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    From $344
  • Develius EV5 Pillow Large
    Develius EV5 Pillow Large


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    From $422
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