Furniture & Accessories

&Tradition 5 years NAU 2 years
Gubi 2 years HAY 5 years*


&Tradition 1 year NAU 1 year
Gubi 1 year HAY 1 year


Warranty is not offered on fabrics and leathers applied to the upholstered pieces, we recommend referral to their manufacturer’s guarantees for these products.It is recommended at all times to adhere to the maintenance procedures supplied on the care labels attached to the upholstery.

Wear, tear and damage on cover, finish and the like, as well as other indirect damage to individuals or articles are not covered by this guarantee. Based on normal usage of 40 hours/week. 

*HAY’s 5-year product warranty is not applicable for accessories, rugs, outdoor furniture or small indoor furniture (e.g. side tables such as DLM, Tray Table, Slit, etc.) and it does not apply to separately purchased parts or spare parts.

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