COVID-19 Live Updates and FAQs

COVID-19 Live Updates and FAQs

Providing a little more clarity during times of uncertainty with live updates on Cult offices, shipping and lead-times, deliveries, operations and safety measures.

Current office status: 

Our office continue to be open at normal trading hours. We remain dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of our team and customers alike, and we have put additional measures in place.

Current shipping, lead-time and delivery updates:

The global effects of COVID-19 have resulted in schedule delays across shipping and airfreight industries which has resulted in an impact on the the listed lead times of many of our products, the majority of which are shipped to us from Europe or China. On average, we are experiencing a 3-4 week delay on product lead-times from China and 2-3 week delay on product lead-times from Europe (including delays in Europe and AU/NZ).

Your sales representative will give you an overview of the delays likely to be incurred when you order. For up-to-date information on shipping delays, please refer to the information outlined below:

Delays from China

o The increase in demand of export goods from China globally, without a reciprocal demand for imported goods into China has two significant effects to shipping
          1. Reduction in available containers worldwide, as empty containers remain in China. In Shenzhen port alone, there is a current shortage of 5,000 containers.
          2. Vessel schedules are clogged particularly around the southern ports. There is currently an excess of 65 vessels floating around the southern Chinese ports.
o Port closures in China, due to ongoing COVID-19 threat, have also increased pressure on remaining open ports and schedules.
o Average berthing time (time a vessel is spent at a port) has increased from 3-4 days to approximately 16 days.
o We are currently seeing on average 3-4 week delays from China.

Delays from Europe

o The flow on effect from China is starting to appear in Europe, with container shortages and vessel schedules at full capacity o Delays from China also affect arrival of parts, delaying total production times for some manufacturers.
o We are currently seeing on average 1-2 week delay from Europe.
o Note - also the European Summer holidays have just started, adding up to 4 weeks to standard lead times depending on individual brands.

Delays in Airfreight

o Airfreight has already been impacted from flight reduction, but further reduction in passenger arrivals announced recently effect:
        1. Time for airfreight to arrive
        2. Cost to airfreight ā€“ recent quotes have doubled in price.

If you are concerned about the lead-time of your order or have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

What are virtual consultations and how do I book one?

We want to ensure that even without a face-to-face meeting, you can still access the necessary product information needed to make an informed decision on the next order for your home or project. Our experienced team of consultants are available via Zoom or FaceTime for tailored one-on-one virtual consultations, and are equipped with product imagery, presentations, data sheets and advice.

Are your teams available as usual to place orders and for enquiries?

Absolutely! Please contact us via phone or email from Monday-Friday between 8:30am - 5:30pm.

Phone: +65 8571 6163.  

How can I ensure I receive updates from Cult, including your showroom opening status?

We want to ensure you stay up to date with Cult news and updates during this time of uncertainty. Be sure to check in on this page for updates.

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