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Viggo Boesen

Viggo Boesen is a relatively little known architect who contributed to Denmark’s signature design aesthetic in the 1930s. In particular, his work reflected Scandinavian ‘Funkis’ style, a Nordic take on Art Deco. In contrast to massproduced materials and the less-is-more approach from the Bauhaus school of thought, Boesen brought a soft, warm and almost naive aspect to design, ushering in new forms of upholstered furniture.

Only a few of his designs were ever produced, yet Boesen’s original ideas, organic shapes and expressive design lingo were precursors to Denmark’s subsequent stance on modernism in the decades that followed.

  • Little Petra Pouf VB1
    Little Petra Pouf VB1


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  • Little Petra Sofa VB2
    Little Petra Sofa VB2


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  • Little Petra Armchair VB1
    Little Petra Armchair VB1


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