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Jakob Wagner

Jakob Wagner, was first trained as an engineer, then studied industrial design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Art Centre, Switzerland.

In 2003, Jakob Wagner was awarded The Danish Arts Foundation Three-Year Bursary ( Statens Kunstfond’s treårige arbejdslegat).

On his design philosophy, Jakob Wagner says: ”Balance is the key word when I think in terms of design. By creating close balances between opposing values, our senses are challenged–creating a play that turns into a game.

We may point to countless balances making their mark in the things by which we surround ourselves. This may, for instance, be between static versus dynamic expression. Between symmetry and asymmetry, rational and irrational, masculine and feminine, slender and heavy, convex and concave, hard and soft, summer and winter and so on.

We talk of “natural” balances, and this is hardly by mere chance since nature holds all of these. What I would generally like to emphasize in design is the play between balances which will - when perceived – touch us emotionally”.

Wagner has designed for Bang & Olufsen, Moroso, Magis, Bang & Olufsen, Iittala, Georg Jensen, Porsche for Hay Wagner designed the JW01, JW02 and the Ray Chair.

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