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Mac Stopa

With his unabated flair, Mac Stopa manages to harmoniously unite architecture, industrial design, interior decorating, art, fashion and his passion for graphics into a single aesthetic discipline.

In 1996, he founded Massive Design, an award-winning architecture studio specialized in corporate design that has worked with the most important companies in worldwide; among his activities, he also dedicates himself to the architectural design of public spaces and industrial design.

In his designs, Stopa manifests his passion for geometric forms and mathematic precision. Parametric design, organic geometry, sculptural forms and digital art give rise to modular elements that profoundly renew the design concept and alter the concept of functionality, making them adaptable to the needs of both the market and the individual.

His range of activity is very broad and includes the design of furniture, furnishing elements, illumination pieces, flooring and wall coverings, fabrics and many other products and finishings. Of Mac Stopa’s works, the Cappellini catalogue hosts the Drum family of sofas, poufs and tables.

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