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Martí Guixé

Martí Guixé’s background is similar to that of every good designer, with a creditable academic history and work done with famous firms. But just as revolutionaries today are born within the institutions that trained them, he revolutionizes design by working on living matter, which can be transformed and decomposed, blending such different areas as anthropology, humour, gastronomy, typography, the human sciences, exact sciences, performance and design. He analyses situations, behaviour and gestures, and proposes radically effective solutions with minimal ergonomics, freed from the image of an idealized body in which technocratic perspective seeks to create the correct form. Like a visionary, he transforms things by observing them with his eyes, and invents the indispensable commodities of the twenty-first century. Martí Guixé’s world is made of compact, effective objects that move from eye to hand to mouth, reassuring, metaphysical, in order to dream with eyes lifted skyward or to soothe anguish. Ideal for the thirsty and for hedonists, for TV football spectators or for imitators of Calvino’s Baron in the Trees.

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