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Miyoung Yu

Miyoung Yu is a designer and creative director based in Seoul, South Korea. She studied Ceramic and Metal Craft at university, where she discovered that the process of creating something was more rewarding for her than the final outcome. In 1999, in her final year of university, together with three of her peers who share similar tastes, she founded 'Millimeter Milligram', an agency specializing in designing and producing stationary and everyday goods. She often coordinates spatial design projects with other people and also designs or directs projects and products for other companies. She prefers designs that subtly try talking to people who find some connection with it, rather than something that merely advertises its own value. "I remember Mette Hay as a person with very strong natural instincts regarding the design process. When I first met Mette, we developed an instant connection. Working with her throughout this process has left me with a renewed sense of enjoyment. That connection, that meeting, will help my design work to continue to evolve and improve.

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