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Piero Bottoni

Bottoni was an architect, town planner, designer and a leading protagonist of Rationalism. He is best remembered as one of the creators of two plans that had a profound influence on the Italian urban landscape. These were the plan for the Val d’Aosta, patronised by Adriano Olivetti (1936) and the A.R. plan (Architetti Riuniti, 1944-45).

His work is central to the origins of modern architecture and design. The pieces of furniture designed by Bottoni 1920-1930 are classic examples of the beauty of his work, such as his chairs and tables which are clearly Bauhaus inspired (with their use of curved steel tubes). The most celebrated piece is the Comacina writing desk, designed in 1930 and produced by Zanotta in 1989, in keeping with the company’s tradition of re-launching historical design pieces.

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