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Thomas Bentzen

He is a board-member of the Danish Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition (SE) and an occasional teacher at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. Bentzen is a methodical designer, who seeks to create fine-tuned products that are both engaging and durable. He works in the classic tradition of Scandinavian design – pragmatic, unassuming and universal in outlook. Against this backdrop, he has shown a talent for creating designs that are imbued with both a sense of the now, and a sense of joy. For HAY, Bentzen has designed the DLM Table.

  • Don't Leave Me Table / DLM
    Don't Leave Me Table / DLM


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  • Don't Leave Me Table / DLM XL Ø48 x H65
    Don't Leave Me Table / DLM XL Ø48 x H65


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