NEWS from 3 Days of Design

NEWS from 3 Days of Design

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NEWS from 3 Days of Design

Denmark's annual design event brings together the world’s best international design brands for a preview of the latest launches in furniture, lighting and lifestyle. Here we present highlights from &Tradition, Gubi and Vipp from Copenhagen’s 3 Days of Design.


Located at Lindancrone Mansion in the heart of Copenhagen, &Tradition presented ‘Anchor and Identity’, an exhibition which took visitors through a collection of styled rooms, each grounded in and defined by the objects present, from the foyer and creative office to the club lounge, salon and kiosk. 

Favourite &Tradition lighting collections were presented in a range of contemporary new colours – the iconic Flowerpot collection in Sand and Signal Green, the Flowerpot Portable in Brass and Chrome, The Como Portable Lamp in Black Aluminium or Brass, and the Journey Lamp with a Silk Grey base.


Two local design powerhouses – GUBI and Space Copenhagen presented three new collections at 3 Days of Design, collectively exploring the allure of materiality. Introducing a special edit of the iconic Beetle Chair in new fabrics, the Unbound lighting collection and the Private collection of storage and desks.

The Beetle Edit
by GamFratesi

Design duo GamFratesi has developed four new upholstered editions of the Beetle Dining Chair designed to evoke different moods and ambiences with sensuality and tactility. The texture-led, high-end upholstery fabrics in dark green, cool grey neutral beige and two-tone white build upon the versatility of the Beetle. 

by Space Copenhagen

Design studio Space Copenhagen is known for playing with intriguing juxtapositions in its designs, and this collection's meditation on the archetypal lantern form is no exception. The pared-back take on a traditional Japanese paper lantern balances the ethereal and the functional, while challenging the conventions of the typology in its playful asymmetry. The Unbound Collection fulfils Space Copenhagen’s ambition to create a practical but poetic lantern with a distinctive sculptural character that does not impose on the space around it. Instead, the lamps define and celebrate the scale of the room, populating dark corners and gathering the boundaries together.

by Space Copenhagen

Playing with notions of public and private, visible and obscured, open and closed, the Private Collection by Space Copenhagen forms the most comprehensive line of storage and display furniture in the GUBI Collection. With the addition of this typology, GUBI has further extended its distinctive aesthetic throughout the home, enabling bespoke curations of personal narratives by showcasing the things that signal our identities. The Private Collection is a dedicated exercise in clean lines, symmetry and tonal restraint – calm and composed, but undeniably generous in its expression. The visual simplicity and careful balance of dimensions and materials enable each piece to feature in any room of the home and to fit seamlessly into a range of different interior styles.  


First there was a bin, then a table, then a chair, then a kitchen… and now Vipp has started to cook! In Copenhagen’s area of Islands Brygge, Vipp transformed a 100 year old pencil factory into a social dining room dedicated to sharpening the senses. During 3 Days of Design, Vipp unveiled the Pencil Factory as a scene for talented chefs to host pop-up supper clubs, as well as presenting a selection of new lighting pieces.

Vipp Paper Pendant / Lamp

Inspired by Japanese paper lantern traditions, the Vipp Paper pendant lamp fuses Asian design craft with a cosy, subdued lighting recognised in Scandinavian decor.

Vipp Sculpture Table Lamp

The Sculpture table lamp doubles as a decorative sculpture shaped in glass and solid marble. A reeded glass dome exudes a soft omni light illuminating the peculiar veins in the marble cylinder base available in either grey or white. Integrated into the solid base is a refined dimmer and switch.

All 2021 novelties from 3 Days of Design are available to order now.

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